Monday, February 6, 2012

Photography - Macro 100mm | A Simple Memoirs

Someone lent me a 100mm when I was asking around
which macro lens I should buy ...
He said that I should try to use it to make sure
that it's fit to my needs.
Here're some pictures I took with it:

A flower just outside my door, in my yard.
This plant always beautifully bloom and
in a one tiny plant, the flowers are so so many.
And with the pink color of the flowers
it definitely had become one of my favourite plant!

And here's my niece with her dad (my hubby's younger brother)
Her name is Viola, we call her Vio or Pio-Pio.
She's becoming a cute object of my photo target.
But it's hard to capture her because she's moving all the time.
She was watching Shawn The Sheep movie when I captured this.
A rare moment of having her sit tight for few hours LOL ...

And ... I was inspired by one of the photo challenge at IHeartFaces
It was about tiny toes.
And since Pio-Pio's toes are so damn cute,
I tried to capture them!
Here're some of the results, so adorable right!?

Here's Bianca and Pio-Pio.
Bianca is 5th and Pio-Pio is going to be 2.
I believe when they grow a bit older,
People won't even notice the age different.

Here's if you wanna see her cute face closer:

And another closer look at Bianca, focusing on something LOL

Here's a birthday gift wrapped for her friends
I tried to take a good capture of it:

Last but not least here's another flower outside my yard
Another beautiful one.
The plant was brought when I moved from
my rent house into the new one of my own.

So this plant kind of reminds me of my old house.

And to close today's blog post,
I want to share a sad news, My mom's sister passed away last night.
I loved her so much eversince I was a kid.
She was diagnosed with some allergic few months back
She was one of my guardian angel, she provided a home and food for me
when I was being bullied. We've tried to make her better but finally
God had another plan for her. He probably understand
that she no longer strong enough to carry on. So He got her back.
I burst into tears yesterday after uploading Bianca's birthday photos
and Raphael's concert photos at facebook while holding Bianca.
She's asking why I was crying and I couldn't explain :)
I pray that her son that she left behind, is going to be a tough one
and God'll provide a shelter - home - great leader - food
just like when her mom provided everything to me.


patamushta said...

Winnie, I am really love your pics! Especially so sweet heels of your niece :) The girls all are so sweet :)

And I express my sincere condolences to you and your family in the loss of your aunt.

Tess @ Pro-tography 101 said...

I love those poses!

Charlize_C said...

Thank you Ladies!

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