Monday, February 20, 2012

The Birthday Celebration | The Night Before

This February, we have birthday celebration in our family.
Yes it's Bianca's birthday's month!
And she's been bugging me to buy her certain present since November last year
Because her friends starting her birthday and she wants to be one of them!

We started the celebration the night before,
by having dinner together in a quite unique restaurant in Surabaya
called Eat n Eat
it was designed like an old city - pecinan
or city for chinese immigrant (new comer)

Look at one of the corner:

They also have a tricycle transportation inside:

the other side of the corner:

Dad and Bianca playing ipad together LOL

While her brother, Raphael, enjoying his meal deliciously *nyam!*

And I ordering from this corner:

And strike a pose for mommy!

The day after we went for another adventure
Because Raphael having his concert
and Bianca having her dreaming birthday present!

Will post the pictures next Monday for sure!
Oh yeah right ... Monday is for Photography!!
So have a great day ahead this week
and make sure to capture interesting thing
in your life daily!
Because you'll never know that the best moment in life
is happening almost every day!

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