Saturday, June 14, 2008

From Our Blog To Yours - 6/12

Yup - participating again :D and it's all about summer! Yes, S - U - M - M - E - R.
We don't used to call it that way here in Indonesia, cause we're a tropical island with only 2 kind of weather: Rainy Season and Dry Season ;) but yes of course it's a bit cool in rainy season, sometimes cold but never below 10 celcius :D and in dry season, like now, it's soooo hot everywhere around, it can take around 35 celcius sometimes ... but not always :D
so ... the best thing to do is stay at home, under Air Con LOL ... but nop ... since it's time for holiday time for my son - there're some plans I want to do:
1. Next week, I am going to have a water fun with him, playing around and have fun of course!
2. The week after, my office arrange a community project for the manager's family and I am the one who arranged everything, so I'll take my son to join the project where he can learn more about water and the invertebrates inside and WHY we have to keep the water clean!
3. I plan to do next community project at Lombok, still something to do with the company :p and plan to take my son there .... Lombok is near Bali Island and one of the beautiful island in our country ... but I still re-consider this 3rd activity :D

Wow ... too much to do in a month? hahahaha ...
Don't worry, I'll scrap everything and .... I'll take something for freebies too later ...
I am going to have LOTS of freebies!!!

Check out everytime ok ... thanks!

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