Friday, February 24, 2012

Strength | Faith | ... and much more ...

Hi everyone - this one is not something about business ha ha ha ...
I want to share something about about strength and faith that recently flashing through my mind.

We all encounter our own bumpy roads in life. Me, some of my closest friends and family as well ...
I was born and raised as Christian in the family and until today I can't thank enough for my dad and mom for introducing me to Jesus, for making me believe in HIM, for making me trusting my life with HIM.
During my ups and downs, HE always with me, and I know that HE loves me so so so so much.
So at a time when I fell, HE always there to lift me up, pat me on the shoulder and say: rise up MY daughter for I AM always here for you in any step of the way!
When I am lost ... HE always looking for me hold my hands and led me back to the right path,
the path that supposed to be side by side with HIM.
When I am tired ... HE has HIS broad shoulder to cry on and HE always stroke my hair and say: cry away MY daughter so I can take away your burden!

A best friend of mine, give me a very great poem to share with ...
And I'm so lucky to have such a friend in her ... and in many others too ...
For they always be there to support me ... even though we are apart by distance
But daily comforting words and caring heart is always there for me
And I know that God map this out for me ... as always ... HE gives me what I need ...

So I scrapped it ... using my other best friend goodies :)
As she's the only one who keep designing kit about faith frequently ... that's why I love her *wink*

So here it is, hopefully this can be something sweet for any soul that read it ...

Clinging Kit by Kitty Designs


Strength | by Roy Benton Freeman Sr.

Yes Lord, it's me again and like always I'm in need
Though not for fame and fortune my heart is without greed
I'm just weary from the burdens and the strength I seem to lack
I'm not asking for a lighter load, Lord I just need a stronger back

There are times when the road gets rough and it's hard to carry on
When rest always seems out of reach and all but faith is gone
Make my mind think clearly and use the wisdom it's acquired
Don't let decisions come in haste when my body becomes tired

My feet always seem smaller than the shoes I need to fill
And that's when I still need you Lord and know I always will
Alone in weakness I would falter but if you'll walk by my side
I can persevere in troubled times and within your strength abide

When my knees start to tremble and I fear that I may fall
I bow my head and close my eyes and on you Lord I call
And I pray that you'll walk with me as I strive along my way
To give me strength when I am weak and courage when I'm afraid

No I don't want a lighter load when this weight is all I've known
All I ask for in times like these is the strength to carry on


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Jaime said...

I love that, thank you so much for sharing it. I had no idea you were a Christian till today. That is an awesome testimony about your family. I hope my children will say the same when they grow up about me.

God Bless and keep planting seeds

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