Monday, February 27, 2012

The Birthday Celebration | The D-Day

After celebrating the night before of the Birthday LOL
(you can check the photos here:
so here's the Day of 5th February!

We had so many plans that day.
Raphael having his first concert in public place.
He's playing his own music arrangement that he called:

Here's the performance pictures,
before | during | and after *wink*

With daddy before the performance, I think he's nervous LOL
with Bianca:
I captured the audience from the 2nd floor,
We're at GRAND CITY Mall.
Raphael sitting with his friends - queuing

I love this capture ... it's so hard to get beautiful and innocence smiles of a child.
And this one, so natural! I love it!
And it's him with his teacher, Mrs. Widowati.

And here's the performance:
Take a bow to the audience LOL

Something unique from the roof top:

Going to the playground: Fun World
after the performance:

And finally ... Bianca *still* remember what she asked for the birthday gift:
Sharing with Raphael:
So ... it's a happy end for a birthday!
She finally got what she wants since November LOL ...
Hopefully we're going to have another beautiful birthday next year!

Stay tune for more pictures coming up
Every Monday!

Thanks for reading and enjoying them!

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