Monday, January 16, 2012

Beginner Photoworks

Ok, I have this already in my facebook page
but I need to share here. ..
I've been in love with photography these last few years
But I haven't got the chance to buy a new camera, SLR
as an addition to my current gadget list LOL ...
Last Christmas, I got this present from my personal Santa
*wink wink* a Canon 550D of my own!
Along together with the lens and tools:

Oh how I love it so much!
I take this picture above, my first cannon lens
and of course new 17-40mm
using a borrowed macro lens 100mm L series :D

I was torn by the way, whether I should use my real name
or using
as the "brand" in the photo ...
What do you think?

My husband think it's better to use Charlize instead of Winnie
Is there anyone can help me with an idea?

I was having fun taking picture here and there
and here're some of the favourite captured
I'd like to share with you:

Last December 2011
along the journey from my current town
we're headed back to my hometown
just our small family and a nanny

We stopped by at Sarangan
a big lake in East Java, Indonesia
They have a very unique
and handmade shops around the lake:

Bianca and Raphael also got the chance to ride horses.
Bianca does love horses soo sooo much!

and I captured a very innocence and simply man
who's selling New Year's horn:

We also had the chance to eat and drink
a very traditional meals in Solo, Central Java
Look at the traditional lamp used to light the place:

And here's what we used to drink our tea
It's hot and sweet:

by a friend's help, I captured myself in front of our church -
GKI Coyudan - in the middle of chinatown in Solo, Central Java

and last but not least, it's me and my daughter Bianca
they're still pro and cons regarding whether we look alike
or she looks more like her dad LOL ...

Well what do you think?

It's a bit story of our short journey home last year end 2011.
Now you now more about our beautiful country, Indonesia.


Kitty said...

I think:
1. You did awesome works on your photos!!! seriously.
PS: lagi sedih blitz gua rusak. hiks.. jadi susah motret2..

2. use Charlize! :) I had know u as charlize for years... don't change it into: winnie-the-pooh-creations right now. gahahahhaa... kid.. both bagus kok.. cuman uda terbiasa aja ama charlize...

Trish said...

I like your pictures and creations of course, and Bianca is so pretty! I think she takes it after her mom :)

Charlize_C said...

Bwahahaha Kit Kat, I don't know that you're responding to this ..
Iya baru belajaran butuh dari master2 kaya elo gitu buat capture the life spirit!

Thanks ya, abis ini gw ganti charlize deh yg previously udah telanjur pake winnie wkwkwkwk

@Trish: thank you so so much for your comments - most people said she looks like her dad though LOL ...

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