Friday, December 16, 2011

Introducing: Duo Pages Series Collections 1-3 | Sneak Peek, Guess & WIN It

Introducing: Duo Pages Series Collections 1-3

I know that the month of Christmas is a very busy and happy months indeed.
So I made a new collection of Duo Pages!
This time I made 3 Duo Pages Series
All taken from the recent Christmas Collections that is available in store:
Christmas Delights MEGA Collection
The Miracles MEGA Collection
Christmas Glow MEGA Collection

So here they are:

Duo Pages Series 1: Christmas Delights

Duo Pages Series 2: The Miracles

Duo Pages Series 3: Christmas Glow

And stay tune for next MONDAY, yes it's gonna be special release this MONDAY
19 December 2011
A COLLAB which has been discussed since early 2011 but since the designer is too busy
She finally made it this middle December.
One of my best friend in the digi land and a very creatve and talented designer too.
Here's the SNEAK PEEK only for you to drool LOL ...

Wanna win this kit?

Name your GUESS of the designer HERE
and WIN a kit for 1 lucky lady!

You have few days until Sunday to GUESS and WIN it!

Ok, have a nice weekend!


linda said...

This is Looks totally Amazing!!!The colors are Wonderful!

Alyna said...

Maybe Kitty Designs? It looks gorgeous, whoever you collabed with! Thanks for the chance to win it!

wahoolady said...

I think it's Kitty Designs also - looks beautiful!

patamushta said...

I think, it is Kitty Designs, of course! I mean the collab will be gorgeous!

En said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
En said...

Flergs maybe? lol i'm still new to the digiscrap world... =D

Charlize_C said...

I must closed this today ... will get back with winner soon!

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