Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last Run on SEVEN Games Worth 19.99 of Charlize Creations is HERE


Closing Charlize Creations SEVEN Games

Here I present you with
the FINAL 7th RUN

You'll get prizes worth of $19.99
Exclusive at Studio Charlize @ Scrapbookgraphics


and the 2nd is ONE GOODIE of YOUR CHOICE!
You can pick the kit at my store here

Please post here:

5 (FIVE) themes of a kit that you want me to make

I will pick 3 lucky Ladies to win this contest, randomly.
And you can pick ONE goodie of your choice after that!.

This game will be closed November 11, 2010.

So, what're you waiting for?
Come on post away!


yogovonne said...

So amazing and creative as always ,Sweetie!!!

Michelle said...

hmm, 5 themes... let's see:
baby and kids classic books/reading theme
Christmas in Texas (no snow!)
"Week in the life"

thanks for the fun contest/giveaway!

Michele said...

I love how you sometimes have one unique critter in your kits (a dog or a bird, etc), so I tried to think of ideas where there could be a good ‘feature character” for each one.

1. Western theme - Cowboys and Cowgirls with maybe a horse as the character
2. Dragonflies and Butterflies and Ladybugs - I just love Dragonflies!
3. Houses of Zen - Geisha Girls & Karate boys
4. Island Getaway - maybe a Toucan as your character
5. Angels

Jet said...
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Marif said...

Hooo, great contest, we get the chance to win and suggest ideas!! Love it! (and I really want that collab...)
Okay, here are my 5 theme ideas:
- yoga
- spa/bubble bath
- pirates
- carribean vacation
- petting zoo (with really varied animals...)

I'm crossing my fingers now ;)

LRaeWoo said...

I would love to see your take on a baby, bathing, water sports (waterski, tubing), trip to grandma's, and cooking. Tkhanks for the chance.

Claudell said...

First of all, Congrats for your work, lovely and the colors AMAZING!

About 5 themes...
1 Christmas (for tropical countries, no snow here, central america)
2 Pirates & Mermaids (I love them)
3 Busy Mom (ja,ja,ja...)
4 First Steps (for babies, when they are learning to do)
5 Construction tools

Have a great week!

Georgina said...

5 Themes...

- Mom' & Dad's Pregnancy
- Cowboys Babys
- Bachelorette & Bachelor Party's
- Religious
- Christmas in Summer

Charlize_C said...

Keep 'em coming Ladies!

Alyna said...

What a great opportunity! Here are my ideas:
All about Me
Video Games
Online Friends
Family Game Night
Thanks for the chance to win!!

Adrisss said...

1.- Circus Theme
2.- Global Warming Theme
3.- Recycling Theme
4.- Race Cars Theme
5.- Prom Night Theme

thanks and good luck to everyone!!!

Scarlet 357 said...

I pick these themes:

Pink and Navy Blue (color Theme)
Dark Blue & Dk. Purple(colortheme)
Going Fishing
Going Hunting
Pink Petticoats

Charlize_C said...

Sorry Girls the games are closed ... thanks for playing and will announced the winner SOON!

Claudell said...

Thank you Charlize!!!!!!!!!!


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