Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fantastic Designers New Kits

Aww ... I am confused on which one to show you all :party:, because my designers are creating sooooo GORGEOUS kit :loveshower:
Be prepared to run out your paypal account :Goofy: :Happy: - so here they are:

Dawn Till Dusk By Flergs

A very elegant kit that you can use for any occassion.
I made 2 pages ... and here they are:

And another one again from Flergs - a very CUTE and magical one
Fairytale by Flergs for CRD Block Party

And here's my LO with the kit:

Here's her SALE with the new kit:

and here's my LO with this new CUTE kit:

and of course my very nice designer TARA DUNSTAN is opening NEW STORE!! :smiley-bunny::smiley-bunny:

Here's her new kit preview, collab with Faith True ...

and here's my LO with the kit, when I was pregnant :)

Ahhh ... enough now it's gonna be too much shopping today :Happy:
Have fun! :goldstar::Happy:

See you,


Char said...

Oh my - I'm totally getting the Fairy Tale kit, and I've already set up a reminder to hit Kay's sale tomorrow. Thanks for enabling even more!! :-)

Jan said...

Woohoo! I knew about the CRD Block Party, 'cause I'm on that CT, but thanks for the rest of the enabling. I'm off to check out some of the other kits you mentioned.

OneScrappyMom said...

Wow... those are great kits!! I just headed over to Kay Miller's sale... My poor Paypal!!

Laura said...

So So cute! I love the dragon in Flergs kit!

Mousey said...

They are all totally gorgeous kits, aren't they!

Len said...

Oh absolutely beautiful new kits and your layouts are gorgeous!

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