Friday, March 21, 2008


Recently I met a new little brother ... I think we have the same character and nature.
We love poems, love to read one, and love to make one!
The title of this blog is Adaptation 'cos it's been quite awhile I lost my MOJO in making a new poem.
'Cos mood is tightly connected with poems ha ha ha ...
But then I made it! I made one for him ... just by coincident, check this out:

Believe it or not it was my conversation recently with my brother
He is a poet and he used to made me some poems, beautiful one.
I was trying to call him that day and he didn't respond my call
so instead of calling him over and over again, I send out a poem back to him.
It's a rare conversation 'thou ... and I'll remember that in a whole life LOL


ah, he didn't pick up my phone
I wonder what he's doin now

Addiction is what we said
Trying to know what's goin on
Sending message back and forth

Smiling at it over and over again
Grinning following by free laugh
Reading what's the poet wrote!

Yup, he's quite a pro'
Creatively creating one over another
Beautifully done poems

Full of love, affection and sweetness
He's the new fresh bro'
Finding by surprise but grateful for that

I wonder, what'r u doin, my sweet lil bro'

Teenage Wasteland Papers - Traci Reed and Lauren Grier


Another one is a LO for my Bianca, posted to Challenge at SSD:

ubmitted for Slogan Challenge at SSD

Smiles all around of Bianca

A Verry Merry Unbirthday design by Dani and Amanda Slagle (MandaBean)

I use this week new release kit from Sweet Shoppe Design - they are truly sweet!

Last but not least: Happy Easter again and hope you got a fresh week!

Warm wishes,

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