Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Love of My Life

These 2 little kids are the love of my life!
They are soo cute and adorable - eventhough yes of course - the eldest is already naughty - but still they are a part of my everyday breath :)

One LO of Raphael playing piano, not really a piano - it's a keyboard ...

Piano Boy

It has been 2 years now since
Raphael first lesson of piano
At first, he was not quite happy with the lesson,
all he knew was only playing around in the classroom.
But with the time being, he loves learning piano.
He exercises every night with his daddy,
who also love to accompany him at the lesson class.
Now he can play the piano with two hands, for chords and melodies.
He's a smart boy and I am so proud of him.
My Piano Boy!

It's a Boy Thing - Collab kit by Tara Dunstan and Natalie Bird

Finally - someone in the family can play a music instrument hahahaha ...
It was my dream, since I was a kid I want to play a piano, but my parents were not too wealthy to have money for piano lesson :(
So now ... when I have enough to take my kids to a piano lesson - I will do it for sure ...
God's blessing should be passed to our kids, right?
I plan for Bianca to have Ballet lesson too when she is bigger :D

Next LO is for Bianca, she's reaching out of her bed hehehe ...
Just after she finished taking her bath, I took her pictures - lots of them actually
but this one is good for extraction ;)


All by Rachel Donald
Velvet Bits
Bloomin Paper Pack
Luv Bug Paper Collab Kit with MerCas Designs

Wow ... 2 LOs in a day? That's too much hahahaha ...

Aww ... another bad news is coming from my hometown Solo ... due to the heavy rain for 2 days the flood is hitting the suburb - where my mother in law live.
She's being evacuated to my hubby's family.
She's fine ... but don't know what happen with the house.
But all that matter is that she's fine.

We couldn't visit her as the way to the city is blocked by the flood.
We pray that it'll be over soon.

Thanks for reading my blog :)

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