Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hybrid Project

What is Hybrid? :D it's a printed scrapbook layouts ... and I am gonna make it this year of 2007.
I will collect all my layouts within 2007 - which use family members pics and I'll print them and make an album.
It's the cover page (I don't release it in my galleries yet ;) )

And it's the back cover:

Uhhh ... I am so impatient in waiting to print the layouts and see the result of my first scrapbook album ... wow ... it must be exciting!

Okay, it's enough for today, I am going back home now ...
see you on weekends 'cos I am going to travel tomorrow :(

ups .. forget the credits, it's for Shabby Princess Design - Freebies of Harvest Spice.
I love their designs ... so fabulous!
Hope to be their CT one day :)

bye all ... ciao,

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