Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Birthday Boy

Finally, my little baby boy, Raphael, is not a baby anymore. It was his 6th Birthday on 7th December 2007. I made a surprise ice cream party for him.
I asked the waitress to prepare and put a candle. Fortunately the waiter said that there'll be a compliment dessert for the birthday deals. So ... after we ate and finished, I wink at the waitress to prepare the chocolate ice cream. The singer brought the ice cream with the light candle and sing happy birthday to Raphael. Everyone was looking at us in the Pro Steak Restaurant, Surabaya, but I am okay with that, it's a special day!

He was amazed, shy at the first time, blow the candle, and enjoying the chocolate ice cream!
Look at his sister, Bianca's curiousity at the ice cream and candle LOL.
The he spoon a little bit of ice cream to his daddy and his mommy ... bianca was not yet allowed to eat ice cream ha ha ha ...

so here's the layout:

All From Tara Dunstan's:
What's In The Box Vol.1 - Date Tags
Happy Birthday Kit

I wish it'll be a good memorizable of birthday for Raphael ... our not baby boy anymore :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAPHAEL, Mommy loves you sooooooo very much!

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