Friday, August 3, 2012

New Collection | bE YOuRSelF!!

Be yourself is a collection about being who you are,
and don't let the world change you a bit.
About being comfortable with ourselves and not be dictated by the world.
About loving ourselves, accepting the way we are and not regret our life.

Be Yourself Bundle
Kit | Masks | Paper Add On

And if you love them separately, go to SEPARATE PACKS Section and grab them:
Alpha Pack | Element Pack | Paper Pack

And the Exquisite Team are playing with the collection, soooo beautifully!

And here's the WINNER for Sneak Peek and WIN it Tuesday:
Email me at:
charlize dot creations dot com
 I think that's it for today and thank you so so so much for being with the whole way!
Stay tune for next week VERY SPECIAL Somethin'!!


eveline said...

woohoo!! thank you so much!
but uhm.. your email addy is missing something i guess? is it at gmail?
thanks again! :)

eveline said...

i sent the email to gmail :)

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