Monday, April 23, 2012

Photography | Mini Holiday at Batu Part III

Okay here's the 3rd part of Mini Holiday at Batu!
I am not going to make it longer ... 
I will have to find another beautiful moment to capture LOL ...

Bianca and Raphael having a great moment together
as if to say "let me help you sis" this moment is
so precious to pass by ... 

 And this one is Bianca having her own moment, she's totally having fun!


He's growing ... my eldest child ... *snif snif*

This one is also precious for me, capturing the moment of
my husband happy face.
How the side of his eyes wrinkle is truly showing his age of wisdom
Oh ... I love him so much!

And of course the view along the way is STUNNING! 
I don't want to miss capturing them at all!

 Raphael acting like he's riding those bulls!

And this one, I LOVE so much!
It's a rare opportunity to see them together loving like this
Well ... all parents know that kids tend to fight and quarrel
every once in a while *sigh*

 We closed that day with having fun at night in Batu Night Spectacular

 Hope to come again, and having fun again - someday!

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