Monday, April 16, 2012

Photography | Mini Holiday at Batu Part II

Okay here's another Monday and let me continue
showing you around our little Mini Holiday in the mountain
called Batu in Malang, 2 hours by car from my current city.

Here're some animals that managed to grab our attention:

My favourite one, Tiger!
He's a small one ... and very cute actually ...
He roared like a small kitten hahahaha ...

and they also have an albino kangaroo:

a very cute turtle, big one actually ... moved so very slow ... LOL

And we also passed by a cage of a unique monkey.
As you can look here, it sit comfortably watching around
just like human watching movie HAHAHAHA ...

They also have a water world :)
Anyone knows what this is??

Because I am surely will recognize this one everywhere
DORY! My own reflection hahahaha ...
I often say that I am such a dory with my suddenly forget everything habbit :(

We also can see some birds there ...
This one is a parrot with a very beautiful color:

Raphael also had the chance to take a pose with a white parrot ... so cute!

Since there'll be more many pictures coming from the mini holiday,
I'll have Part III
Coming up next Monday!

Stay tune for tomorrow SNEAK PEEK & WIN it!!

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