Monday, March 5, 2012

A Visit from Far Away Auntie

Today is about photography :)
We just being visited by our far away Auntie
Well I may say far away because she's from United States!
And she's not my direct Auntie but my hubby's.
As far as I remember she only visited my city twice since I knew her.

And in this visit I got the chance to took some pictures LOL as always.

It's me, Auntie Lidia Goei and my sister in law, Milka:

My uncle, searching over the menus LOL ...

We're at my duck restaurant in our city with my brother in law's family,
my family, auntie and uncle!

The food:

The family:

and as always I love capturing my niece innocence faces ....

She's getting better at striking a pose right! LOL

And this one is candid and I definitely love their smiles!

While Bianca busy playing with auntie's iphone!

Ok ... that's for today ...
I plan to take a picture of my church activities
and definitely will get back here with the result next Monday!

So ... have a happy week!

1 comment:

SharonKay said...

These are great pictures. You have a beautiful family. Your niece is so adorable. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

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