Monday, March 19, 2012

Photography | Family Time | and ... NEWS!

It's Monday and time to release some pictures!
It was about family time, with my hubby's again
Her mom visited us from our hometown and we had
the chance to have a nice dinner together.

Here're some pictures I took:

This is my brother in law, my mom in law and the other half of me :)

and it's added with my brother in law's wife, how do I call her ... mmm ...
sister in law?

and I took their pictures from across the table LOL ...
I also captured my mom in law's in some poses ... I think she's natural LOL

She loves to dance and sing and even play drama at her church.
And she gave birth to these men:

do they look alike? *grin*

MIL with Bianca:

Mil with BIL *hahahaha it sounds weird*

me and my other half:

Bianca and her cousin Pio-Pio (she is in many of my scrapbook layouts too!)

some of the food eaten by Raphael, he was busy eating and playing iPad
I didn't have the chance to take a good pose of him:

And finally there's a news for you!
And we're having so many thing here ...
Birthday SALES,
Challenges and all!

Be sure to watch the BLOG and FORUM
for all birthday announcements.

So, don't forget to STAY TUNE!
Have a great weekend ahead!

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