Monday, January 30, 2012

Another ZOOM IN Shoot | Designer Feature New Release Kit

I don't know why but I LOOOVVEEE zoom in people faces
Or I may say in the pictures I'll share below
I LOVE shooting people - either it's face or another part of the body
Well ... don't you dare thinking too far LOL
like feet, hair, hand ... but most of all faces ...

Here's something I capture with my Canon 550D
Along together with borrowed macro lens
EF 100mm f/2.8L
If I am not mistaken because It's not that easy for me
to learn those numbers in SLR camera too many and too confusing LOL

So here're some of them:

I tried to use continuous click in this picture
capturing Bianca's moment playing with her brother
But the result is a bit blur, this is what I have in the manual details

Canon EOS 550D f/4 1/50 sec ISO-3200 focal length 35mm

Maybe I should use other shutter speed or ISO or aperture?
Blah!! Too confusing right!!

Recently I am so in love with
They have so many great tips, tutorials and also challenges
I wish I one day I'll have enough time, courage and capability
to enter one of their challenges and WIN!
But for this moment at least I am adoring the site and inspired by them so much.

So with this below picture like one of the blogposter there said:

I adore taking pictures of toys. It might sound silly, but it is a lot of fun for me. They also make very patient models while I try to figure out the best camera settings or lens to use.
(unfortunately I am trying to search in which post this was posted and couldn't find it :( )

So here're two of them - and yes they're very patient with me!!

Capturing Shaun The Sheep from Bianca's doll's stash LOL

and this one is an OWL doll
I purchased when I traveled to Mt. Fuji Japan.
While I was waiting patiently for my husband and Raphael, my first son -
learning how to sky
I have to accompanied Bianca sitting in the waiting room
So I hopped around and find a great mini market to shop by
mwahahahaha ... it's payback time for making me wait!
I was stunned by this little owl doll
He was safely hidden in his look a like tree made from fur
And his two big rounded eyes were soo begging me to buy them
*wink wink*

And another one that could sit patiently waiting for you to capture is
Yeah ... moreover when he's focus on something on his laptop
In this captured pic, I want to see whether the lens really
can show me his long details lashes
And here it is:

What do you think???
*LMAO .... you can see them thoroughly right!!*

And below, I want to know whether it's working too
for capturing the bling in my leather read clutch

Look pretty eh!!

Finally my husband was intrigued with me
Because I keep moving around the room
carrying my large 'gun"
so he asked me to capture my hair:

Which I also made a SCRAP PAGE out of it here:

The kit was made by Kitty Designs
Supposed to be released today at her store Oscraps.

So if you love the kit and the picture *grin*
I suggest you go to her store later today!
As I remember that she used to have special discount on the release day!

Well I think the latest hair picture closed the blog post today.
I'll post more next Monday ... I hope so!

Have fun with the FREEBIE from previous post
And please stay tune for the next FREEBIE
Well I won't say when because you need to standby
and check my blog all the time

Have a nice MONDAY!

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