Monday, October 31, 2011

Find your inner creativity | PINTEREST

Well, probably some of you already know PINTEREST
It's a definitely inspiring website with more than thousands pictures from all around the world which is being pinned by many people for inspiration.
Well, I might not describe it well enough but ... you may need to look around the site yourself!

Some of the pinterest that I love ... I pinned them ...
I love designs, of course, which including DIY (Do It Yourself) - lots of them inside, and cute stuff, gorgeous goodies, furnitures, books, even bags ... well I am a totally bags addict LOL ... and many many things you can see there.
I am not in a good mood this morning and I think I can share some of beautiful stuffs with you.
Just maybe this can also enlighten my mood and my heart :)

So here're some of the pinterest I love that I just pinned recently - click on the image to go where I pinned them from!

For your halloween idea (well it's a bit too late isn't it? LOL):

For your Christmas idea (this one is gorgeous and pretty!):

For your party idea (Oh my I want to make it myself):

And these are some bags to die for LOL ... oh I will buy them someday!

I need my own walking closet!!

I want to stay here forever:

And I need this for my own accessories!!

So ... join me at my PINTEREST:
Charlize Creations Inspiration Pinterest

to find more yummy things for inspirations!

ps: stay tune for tomorrow Sneak Peek & Win it, we're going to have a NEW fresh collection!

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