Thursday, September 29, 2011

tranquil | calm | serene | SOLITUDE

tranquil | calm | serene | SOLITUDE

Every once in a while, everyone needs a SOLITUDE.

Retreat from the frenzied world, learning
about ourselves, self-evaluation,
and find the inner peace.
This kit try to show you
how we can have our own solitude,
be calm, make a peace with ourselves
and enjoying tranquility.


And some gorgeous layouts by The Exquisite Team:


And ... finally it's my last week at After Five Designs
Closing the great time there with a NEW RELEASE as well:

This kit is dedicated for all women in the world.
To show everyone all about women too.
That we can be both feminine and optimist,
we have beauty and brain, we're soft but also strong
and we can also be bold and exquisite.
Women is a hidden treasure that everyone should cherish and love!

In a Woman's World

And again the Exquisite Team has teamed up and made gorgeous layouts:

Last but not least, stay tune for this week because
I may release the ADD ON packs for SOLITUDE,
yeah I know I used to release them the same day
but I think I want to do something different here *wink*

And here's the WINNER of Sneak Peek & WIN It:

So, have an early weekend!

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