Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Release | Dream A Little Dream

New releases for the week 20-30% OFF whole weekend!

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Telling you the truth, watching my kids sleeping is the most peaceful thing I've ever did.
Their innocence faces are like the greatest movie I've ever seen
and their deep breaths and steady heartbeats arelike the sound of the most beautiful music in my ear.
Sometimes I can't help myself to hug them and tease their cheeks when they sleep.
This dreamy kit provided just for you to create the most peaceful and dreamy layout about your kids,
your love ones and everything about dreams!

This time it's a special FWP Purchase, IF YOU BOUGHT BUNDLE
Grab LITTLE JOE (friend of Little Annie of course LOL) for FREE!
Check out these previews:

And again ... the Exquisite Team is having fun with gorgeous layouts of their creations:

And here's the winner of SNEAK PEEK & WIN IT:

And if you want me to be featured at DST,
here's the chance for you to vote:

DST Featured Designer Nominations

Have a great weekend ahead!

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