Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scavenger Hunt with Gifts from One of My Designer Friend!

Well ... it's about time doing something else than Sneak Peeks and New Releases LOL ...
Since it's still the month of my birthday, well ...
Let's do something fun!
And it's not only fun, but it has gifts from my designer friend:

She's not only my CT leader, but she's also one of those I found over the digital scrapbooking who I can trust and very truthful.

Ok here's the HUNT that you should search:

In any case you couldn't read the preview, here's what it said:

Go to the shop:
search for the correct names (or titles) of the kits
mail your answers before August 17th to:
studiocharlizecreations at gmail dot com
and make a chance to win a $5 coupon to the store of ALEGNA DESIGNS
The first with the correct answers will win a coupon and
there will be a winner random picked of all senders with the correct answers

So what're you waiting for, you have 3 days to win it!
Have fun!

{Charlize Creations}
ps: Thanks Ang!


paula kesselring said...

Thanks for the chance!

BlueCat said...

Mail sent! ;)

Thanks for this fun game.

lmjrocko said...

Fun game!

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