Friday, December 17, 2010

New Release 20% + 20% coupons for EVERYTHING!

I apologize to everyone!
This week has been a roller coaster to me ... between holiday preparations with almost 4 years old girl & 9 years old boy and ... meeting preparation for my real life work during weekend, Friday & Saturday, oh my ... and ... my wi fi connection is dead!
So ... I am so sorry I couldn't send early birds as I promised!

To pay for that ... I create a coupon for 20% discount for everything, including the new release! YAY!

Kit | Blings | Frame Add On | Bundle

And some layouts by The Exquisite Team:

And last but not least, here's the coupon for 20% OFF everything in my store
Until End of 2010!

I am going to have a family holiday until January 4,
so I won't be able to blog or twit or
update facebook for new release
but make sure to stay tune every Fridays here:
because I have new release next 24 and 31 December!


Have wonderful weekend!

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