Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Exquisite Team Spotlight With 40% SALES - featuring: NIKKI

Featuring: Nikki

Tell me a bit about your family
I'm a 30 yo stay at home mom
to a 2 year old boy named Seth!
My boyfriends name is Justin and
we have been together for 4 years.
We all live in Central Florida

What is your forum/gallery name?
my most commonly used screenname is nic1779

Where do you live?
Central Florida-kinda in between Orlando and Daytona Beach

When is your birthday?
January 20th

What or Whom that make you digiscrapbooking?
I mainly scrap with photos of my son,
although I will sometimes do RAKs for friends

When did you start it?
I started digiscrapping just this past June,
but have been a siggy designer for just over 2 years now

What inspires you?
Definitly my son

Which one is your most favourite kit
of Charlize Creations?
These are Special Times
An Artist at Heart Collection

And here's the beautiful layouts made by Nikki
using An Artist At Heart Collections:

Isn't it GORGEOUS?
Please click the picture to leave some love!

Which one is your most favourite layout?

What is your favourite color?

Tell me your favourite designers:
Charlize, MK Designs, Valentina Designs,
Kay Miller, emeto designs, Sussie M
my list goes on and on lol

Tell me your favourite stores
that you shop most of the time and why?
9th & Bloom, After 5 designs,
Sweet Shoppe Designs, Shabby Pickle

What is your lucky number?
I dont really have one

What is your favourite drinks? Cocktail, liquor or coffee?
Sweet tea, coke zero-liquor wise,
lately we have been drinking Captain Morgan
and coke zero, but our tastes change frequently lol

What is your dream for your future?
To be able to provide a good life for my son

What would be your ideal place of vacation?
Anywhere out of the US lol

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Definitly my son

What is your top 5 song favourite right now?
I honestly havent heard much recent music,
so not sure lol

Do you read? What is your most favourite books?
Do you read them over and over again?

I do, and I loooove the Twilight series,
I do enjoy re-reading them.

If you got the chance to meet one celebrity,
whom do you choose?
Johnny Depp
Ive loved him for years!

From Charlize:
I will close Nikki's spotlight with my own thought about her ...
from her little biography ...
I think Nikki is a great mother
her son seems to be her center of the universe!
And for me that's so sweet!
You won't understand a feeling of a mother
until you become one, that's for sure!
And she's also a very creative and talented scrapper.
She also stand up and support me when I need help.

And Since Nikki love An Artist At Heart sooo much ...
to make this spotlight even more interesting, I'll be having


Mini Kit | Add ON

So grab the special price while you can,
because the next spotlight will be Nov 30
Which means, the sale will be ended but ...
the next one will come!

Thank you for reading this and have a great week!
{Charlize Creations}


ovaltine said...

one of my fave kit! Winnie, thank you for your generous newsletter gift! That certainly made my day, thank you so much!

An said...

Wonderful to read a bit more about you Nikki!
Love your favorite lo's and great choice on your favorite kit of Charlize's designs!

Lydia said...

your kits are fabulous char!! keep on good work dear!

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