Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wanna Win Prizes Worth of $5 to $19.99? Check this out!

Charlize Creations
is having a total 7 games the whole month ... WOW!
You want to know why?
Well ... because there's some secret I want to reveal
and I am soooo happy about it!
Excited, Ecstatic!!!

The game will be on from TODAY until END OF OCTOBER ...
So you better stay tune at my blog
to make sure you don't miss the first through the last one!!
Once the game is up ... you surely won't have 2nd chance LOL ...

So here's the first one ....
I am going to collab with SOMEONE SPECIAL
and the kit is going to be released September 24! WOOT WOOT!
I will give you the sneak peek and let you decide
and make a guess who I'll be guest-ing with!
1 People 1 Quess only
write down the answer here
altogether with
Your Email Address
(will contact you to give the prize if you win!)

I know it's not easy, but you can narrow down to this:
1. Check on 2 of my stores:
Scrapbookbybtes, Pickleberrypop
plus in whose creative team I am in *wink and wink*
2. And after that ... check on the styles,
make sure they match to my style and the sneak peek :)

What is the prize?
The 3 lucky winners will be announce at September 24,
& you will get $5 to spend at one of my store *wink wink again*

So here's the sneak peek ...

And don't forget to stay tune, because September 19
I am going to ADD the 2nd games, worth of $10

Have fun and let's roll!
Show what you have in mind and post away here
& don't forget to put your email so I can contact you if you win!

{Charlize Creations}


Mary said...

I am gonna guess Flergs! Can't wait to see the reveal.

river~rose said...

I'm guessing Flergs too! I'm sure it's gonna be an awesome kit judging from that sneak!!

Mara said...

I'm guessing Flergs too. Love the colors of the peek!

Valerie said...

guessing kitty designs.

vmcmartian at gmail dot com

Christy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christy said...

I am going to guess Connie Prince,
Thank you for this option to win!!

ps sorry about the delete,I sooo adore you work

christmaslover at

Monica (RI) said...

I'm guess Me (Flergs). Can't wait to see it! Thanks for the chance!

Marif said...

My guess is LorieM designs! It looks like a fun and bright kit anyways!!

mfgervais at gmail dot com

Lindsay said...

I am with Flergs too. :D Very cute.

Alyna said...

I'm going to guess Flergs as well! Looks like it will be a fabulous kit! Thanks for the chance!
alyna_h at hotmail dot com

JIC Creations said...

I'm gonna guess Connie Prince
jiccreations at gmail dot com

BunnyFreak said...

I'm guess Flergs as well. Thanks for the hint. :+)

Mom to J & J said...

I'll say Scooty's Designs. :)

kerryn at juno dot com

LaughingSun said...

I'm going to guess Kitty Designs :)

yay, congrats girl, look at you go!

ovaltine said...

I'll go with LorieM designs :D
my email is tee hee... :p
thanks for the chance!

Newtty said...

I will say Kitty Designs

LaughingSun said...

forgot my email addy ;)

Kitty Designs

andreatrump @ yahoo . ca

Lelishna said...

It's Flerg?..
Can't wait to see the kit!
Thanks for the chance!

DarkAngels-ScrapWorld said...

I think, it´s Flergs????

Thanks for the chance :-)

Many greeting from germany
Mel and her seven kids and litlle wonder inside

biest2001 at gmx dot de

Winnie Wang said...

thank you for participating the game is OFF ... will announce the winner very very soon!

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