Friday, July 16, 2010

Funky Playground Designs: (FREE) Staycation BLOG TRAIN & Studio 365 New Release!

Woot Woot ... it's time for Funky Playground Designs' Blog Train!
We call it STAYCATION ... want to know why?
Well ... because it's the fun little things that kids/families do
while they are staying home during summer vacation!

And I am giving away my mini kit for FREE
**please note that this will be expired: July 22, 2010**

And this is what you'll get:



Again, please remember that this link will be valid until July 22 ONLY!

Meanwhile, in case you lost somewhere in the middle *wink wink*,
here's the full list of our designer team at FPD
(click the name to go to their blogs):

Funky Playground Designs
Michelle Batton
Elise's Pieces
Misty O'Brien Designs
Girl Boy Girl Designs by Jen Balding
Shanmomto4 Designs
Sir Scrapalot
Donna Duncombe
Jennilyn Designs
Ruby Lane
Daybreak Scraps
Siamese Studio
Jaclyn Bernardo
Amanda Carlson
Recherche by KH Designs
Fe Marini Designs
4 shades of Blue
Charlize Creations <-- you are here!

And ... there's another news LOL ...
I am releasing my first STUDIO 365 at FPD!
You can grab them $1 from July 16-18 ONLY!

I have two goodies ... yumm yumm ...

Coffee Mocha Alpha


Life Elements

Just click the preview to go to the store!

Well well ... I am sure you won't miss this
because they are all EXCLUSIVE
only At Funky Playground Designs!

Have fun!


ovaltine said...

Thank you so much!

Natalie said...

Thank you for the wonderful Minikit!!!

~♥JoY♥~ said...

Thanks for your generous sharing of this lovely kit!

annheidel said...

Love the free kit - thanks!

Island Lady said...

Hello and good morning,
Has the link been fixed yet? I've been clicking on anything and everything that looks like a possibility, but nothing works. It may be my eyes ... I'm in my sixties and can't read TINY TYPE like I used to be able to. This is such a beautiful kit ... I hate to miss out on it. Will you extend the end date since the link has been broken for at least two days now? Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Winnie Wang said...

The link is back Ladies ... try again ;)

Pam said...

This is so cute--thank you! :)

*~Nightshadow~* said...

Thank you. I love this.

grambie said...

This is an elaborate design to commemorate the Arts. All of the lovely elements including your fabulous alphas. Your beautiful, designed patterns papers are in perfect harmony and cohesively create a masterpiece from the heart. Just awesome with your beautiful colors. KUDOS!!

makeyesup said...

Thanks, love the kit.

Cindy N. (aka nadci) said...

Thank you for the lovely kit.

KatherineWoodin said...

Please help. The blog train says it is good until July 22nd. Where I am it is only July 19th. The link to download says expired as time is up. Please help. I appreciate all you do to help me with my digital scrapbooking. Thanks

diane said...

its a beautiful mini kit but I cant download it.....says the link is expired but today is the 19th not the 22nd! Not sure waht is up?!?

DiSailsToo said...

Yeah, I'm a bit confused. So, is it the 22nd or the 19th? On the FPD Blog page it says all links will be active until the 22nd . . . and yours also says it. Wow! That sounds like a real gripe about a freebie. Sorry. You do have the right to expire your kits whenever you want, I suppose. Guess I just had to check myself there for a second.

Kel said...

Me too, was coming back because could not get to yours the other day and the Funky Playground site says the blog train is active until the 22nd and today is only the 19th, do see that is when the $1 deals were suppossed to expire but not the blog train, its a really cute pice and really would miss to be without it.

user8672 said...

I cannot get this cute gift either... It's so sad, because it is really beautifull. Can something be done, please? It's not the 22nd yet! =/

Cris Caexeta said...

Thank you for the kit! It's so beautiful!

user8672 said...

Thank you for fixing the link!!! You are so generous!!! =)

Rebecca said...

Thank you very much!! It's beautiful!

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