Monday, June 21, 2010

Elemental Scraps: Summer Blog Train!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Elemental Scraps Summer Blog Train.
The designers at Elemental Scraps have gotten together
to entice you with a sampling of our great talent.
While you are tooting along, we would love it
if you would sign up for Charlize Creations newsletters here:

(you will get special information, discount and event monthly freebies!)

or join me on facebook:

and/or twitter:

The downloads to each portion will be hosted in the store.
For best results and hopefully, one smooth download,
keep one window open and logged into the store,
so that hopefully your cart doesn't clear.


In case you are lost, here is a list of participating designers.

Charlize Creations --> YOU ARE HERE

So have fun!!

I am very sorry for everyone who couldn't download this
you should click the preview image as it would lead you to the shoppe right away.
Anyway .... THANKS for your participation,
I received a lot of notification of your downloads
I hope you're having FUN!


Anonymous said...


Lulutoo said...

Thank you very much! :)

jessa said...

I couldn't find the link on your blog so I'll go see if I can find it in the store. Thanks in advance :)

Becky said...

found this twice on your blog so I'm a little confused but I did find it in the store, thanks so much!

jessa said...

ok, so now I feel really stupid. I've searched nearly every category in the store, ran searches under blog, train, summer etc. Searched Winnie's facebook & blog and have never found the kit. If anyone can tell me where it is, PLEASE let me know.....

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