Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yes right ... I am going to have a new store coming, which I will be exclusively selling there.
Yes it's quite shocking after 3 stores, now I have to resign from those wonderful communities and stores and being exclusive only in 1 store!
But it means good ... I have a very tight schedule with my real life now and with focusing in 1 store, it means I have more time with family and could concentrate in designing!

Here're some preview of my kits which will be available SOON!

And the link of the store, you have to wait until the release date!
So, stay tune as it will be lots of GAMES, QUIZZES, FREEBIES, GIFTS and MORE MORE MORE!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Creative Junkie said...

Congratulations on your new store! And OMG - I love your papers and alphas!

JanMary said...

Beautiful collection of new kits.

Lorie M Designs said...

Congratulations Charlize on your new store! you have wonderful kits!

Anonymous said...

Big congrasts and your stuffs look really amazing!!

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