Sunday, February 22, 2009

[New Release] OUR MEADOW

It's weekend and here I am - Charlize's Art - releasing a brand new kit!

Check out the kit previews:

Our Meadow is again inspired by Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.
A sacret place of Edward Cullen that has been shared with the love of his existence, Bella Swan.
It was described as a peaceful and happy place when they shared their moments
after Bella accepted the wedding plans that would be arranged by Edward's sister, Alice.
"Patches of summer daisies interuppted the grass with splashes of white and yellow. I lay back ignoring the slight dampness of the ground, and looked for pictures in the clouds.
They were too even, too smooth. No Pictures, just a soft, gray blanket"
Quote from Bella at the meadow with Edward on his side after she settled her mind over Jacob Black.

Kit Contains:
10 Background Papers
Big Alpha Upper & Numbers
Total 43 Elements of:
1 Hanging Board
1 Scallop Border
1 Bundle Rope
2 Different kind of Buttons
1 Button with Ribbon
1 Diamond
3 Doodles
2 Doodles with Diamond
1 Gold Pearl
2 Different kind of Leaves
1 Pin
2 Pin with Buttons
6 Different kind and colors of Ribbons
2 Strings
1 Rope String
7 Different kind of Flowers
1 Flowers Border
5 Different kind of Frames
1 Meadow Hanging Tag
1 Empty Tag
1 Meadow Wood Log

All items created at 300 dpi for excellent print quality.
No drop shadows except a few slight ones on the clusters for realism and for previews only.

Our Meadow are now SALE 40% during February - still because of this is the month of my daughter's birthday - Bianca and you can find it here:

some ZOOM ins:

Plus some of our Beauty Teams Layouts, they are sooooooo inspiring!

So, don't forget the sales are ended at the end of February, don't miss it!


1 comment:

Jess said...

great kit. Im going to have to reread the series.. that quote made me want to relive it all again!

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