Thursday, December 6, 2007

First Intro

Yay ... it's my first blog about scrapbook at blogger and start from now on, I'll try to update.
Well ... I am a little bit dory (watch Finding Nemo - that's why I'll do my best to put everything inside here ...

And my first post is about where I am when I am in the cyber world ...
I have 2 Indonesian Forum I am actively involved at this moment, the first one is: Webgaul and the 2nd one is Indolounge Forum

Then the rest is my Creative Teams Forum ... they are in the links of this blog!

For Webgaul, I am the moderator at Family Forum. This is my siggy for the forum:

It's holiday time, isn't it?
I will try to make another siggy for Indolounge Forum, today! (not a promise :D)

Today I plan to upload some layouts that I made yesterday using some of my designers kits.
But before that ... let me do my work at this office first ... shouldn't I?

Okay ... hopefully this one is good for the start!


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